Fruit compote/sauce

Last night I made a blackberry fruit sauce with 2 cups blackberries, 2 TBS sugar and 2 TBS maple syrup. Left if out to cool and forgot it. I hate to throw it out but I don't want to get sick over it either...your thoughts?

Stephanie G


keg72 February 10, 2015
I'm not a food safety expert, but if I'd done that, I would smell it and, presuming it smells fine, taste a tiny bit. My guess is that it'll be just fine.
Bascula February 10, 2015
It should be fine. The worst that can happen is that it fermented a tiny bit, and lots of people do that on purpose!
aargersi February 10, 2015
Is it cold where you are? If your kitchen is cool I bet it's fine - though I know the common thought is "when in doubt throw it out" but it's not animal based. I would probably bring it back to a simmer then cool it again then fridge it.
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