Re-hydrate cherries for scones

I'm going to make cherry scones for breakfast tomorrow and was considering re-hydrating them. Would there be any negative impacts if I'm using the Scone of Destiny recipe? If not, should I re-hydrate in water, or something more interesting like Grand Marnier or a cherry liqueur?

Fat Tony
  • Posted by: Fat Tony
  • February 13, 2015


Fat T. February 13, 2015
Sounds like a plan, thank you both.
dinner A. February 13, 2015
It should be fine to rehydrate your cherries with water, or with any liquid whose flavor you think would be good in the scones. The recipe you refer to does that anyway with the raisins and currants it calls for. I would probably do just water, since cherries are already so flavorful. I'm not sure if you're suggesting this, but I wouldn't soak overnight, just for a short time while you preheat the oven and get together the dough. Too long and you'll start to leach flavor from the fruit.
Pegeen February 13, 2015
I happen to like them dried. You could rehydrate them in water (then pat dry), but without seeing the recipe not sure how a liqueur would work. I've heard of the Stone of the Castle of Scone (the ancient stone where they crowned kings in Scotland) but have never seen the matching scone recipe! :-)
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