Looking for suggestions on how to make aake a ham glaze using boozy cherries

I want to make a ham glaze using boozy cherries. I was given some, but won't use them for their intended purpose. Wondering if anyone's done something like that successfully, and if so, how?

John Astika


Nancy March 31, 2021
John, there are tons of recipes out there for cherry glazed ham. Pick one from a site or an author you respect and go for it.
Your cherries may also have sugar, spice and thickener lihe cornstarch (all good for a glaze). Taste before you cook and if you note those ingredients, reduce them in the recipe you use.
John A. April 1, 2021
I found lots of recipes for cherry glazes, but I am looking for boozy (moonshine) cherries specifically. Because of the alcohol content, I worry it may be overwhelming. I can trial and error it, but if somebody had done such a thing before , it could have saved me time and/or waste.
Nancy April 2, 2021
Ok, see your point about avoiding error or waste. Can't recommend a recipe from experience.
But several out there use brandied cherries...which testifies to their workability, and can be used as a template if your cherries have a different liquor in them.
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