making chilli, recipe said 2 cloves... i put in 2 bulbs. cooking it in slow cooker please help

star lord


star L. February 21, 2015
We decided to make a batch without garlic and mix the two...and I minced the garlic there's no fishing. I thank you all
LeBec F. February 22, 2015
that's good thinking, but you still will have used waaaay more than twice the amount of garlic called for. I'm thinking you will need to add alot more of everything. (But of course, it might turn out fine.Just keep it in mind as a possibility.)
cookbookchick February 21, 2015
The long, slow cooking should mellow the garlic. But you might want to fish them out if they're still whole. If you love garlic, leave 'em in and see what happens!
JulieS February 21, 2015
If they are whole, I would fish them out. If they are chopped up, that will be a bit tougher. A garlicky chili is not necessarily a bad thing, it depends on what kind of chili it is and what else is in it. You could add an extra can of beans as well. Good luck!
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