A question about a recipe: Simple Sesame & Garlic Noodles

I have a question about the recipe "Simple Sesame & Garlic Noodles" from boymeetsgirlmeetsfood. Should I use the dark toasted sesame oil or the untoasted cold pressed variety? (I have both on hand)

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Simple Sesame & Garlic Noodles
Recipe question for: Simple Sesame & Garlic Noodles


boymeetsgirlmeetsfood February 28, 2015
Hi there!
We use untoasted sesame oil- we toast it lightly by warming it in the pan before adding the first ingredients. Enjoy!
inpatskitchen February 27, 2015
Panfusine: Please let us know which oil if you get a response. Thanks!
Panfusine February 27, 2015
Absolutely will do that.
inpatskitchen February 27, 2015
Why not message the author and ask what he/she used?
Panfusine February 27, 2015
Just did that.
AntoniaJames February 27, 2015
The conventional wisdom is that the deep flavor of dark sesame oil cooks out when heated, such as in this dish. I'd use a light oil - probably peanut, because it's what I have - for the cooking and the dark for finishing.

The dark is so much more expensive, too, thus making it impractical for use in larger quantities. ;o)
Panfusine February 27, 2015
I use the regular un-toasted sesame oil in daily cooking (its the traditional oil of choice for most South Indian dishes) and the toasted variety for drizzling. I'm leaning towards using the former for the sauteing & the darker kind for the extra kick in flavor, & also the darker variety is more used in Oriental cuisine than Indian. But then again, its not my call since I want to test the recipe as close to how its owner intended it. Am I being too picky?
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 27, 2015
Usually dark toasted would be specified from my experience. If I was me testing, I'd use untoasted cold pressed variety. Hope the recipe author clarifies for you.
paseo February 27, 2015
The dark, toasted has the flavor and is more of a finishing oil. The cold pressed would not add much. Sniff them both and see what you think.
Panfusine February 27, 2015
Unfortunately for testing purposes, I can't make that call.
paseo February 27, 2015
Whoops, next time I will read the recipe before spouting off - use the cold pressed for cooking and if you want a more pronounced sesame flavor, maybe add a bit of toasted to taste.
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