Pork accidentally cooked at high temp--salvageable?

I was making Merrill's Sweet & Savory overnight pork roast which calls for cooking at 475 for 15 minutes then reducing to 200 for 6-8 hours. I ran downstairs to visit a neighbor after I THOUGHT I reduced the temp, but came back up to discover I didn't hit "enter" and it cooked for 1.5 hours at 475. It was a 5lb pork butt. I took it out immediately and internal temp was 175. Do you think this is in any way salvageable? Obviously not as pulled pork, but to slice and eat? Kicking myself cuz it smelled AMAZING!



irina March 2, 2015
Make cuban mojo. That will make it tasty!
Sour orange, onion, garlic, olive oil.
I add sliced onion to the sour orange and soak for an hour.
bigpan March 2, 2015
Hit it with BBQ sauce until you are happy with the lack of dryness. You can also water down the sauce a bit, stab the pork with a fork to create holes, sauce it, eat it.
Merrill S. March 2, 2015
I think the only way to know is to taste it! If it's a little dry but still edible, you could make a quick pan sauce to serve with it (if the drippings are salvageable).
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