Need side for Chimichurri lamb chops. Has lots of herbs in sauce. What goes with this?

Here is the recipe:

Lots of herbs in sauce. Not sure what veggie or salad to do so it complements. Probably have low-carb diners so potatoes, risotto, etc. not an option. Thanks

  • Posted by: Jan
  • March 13, 2015


Kristen W. March 14, 2015
This carrot puree: (very simple to prepare and has received rave reviews when I've served it to people), and a simple green salad with a nice acidic vinaigrette.
Nancy March 13, 2015
Turnip or rutabaga, cut in wedges and roasted with olive oil & salt are surprisingly sweet, delicious & simple. go well with lamb & will absorb but not fight the multi herb chimichurri.
Pegeen March 13, 2015
A rice pilaf (not that high carb since it's only a side dish). Sautee onions or shallots until golden, then add diced tomatoes until heated through, mix with rice.
ChefJune March 13, 2015
since there's so much flavor going on with the Chimichurri, I'd keep the vegetable very simple. Roasted Cauliflower would be good (and substantial while not carby). For a salad, in this not quite prime-time salad season, I'm liking a mixture of romaine and arugula with pink grapefruit and avocado. use the grapefruit juice as the acid for you salad dressing, and maybe avocado oil instead of extra virgin.
Jan March 13, 2015
Thanks- all great ideas!!
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 13, 2015
I would serve lightly buttered peas.
creamtea March 13, 2015
Butternut squash cubes, roasted in either olive oil or coconut oil; shredded cabbage salad with a lemon-garlic dressing; roasted carrots with a pomegranate syrup glaze; butter lettuce with thinly sliced radishes; or a lettuce-citrus salad with pink grapefruit, onion slices, and butter lettuce.
JulieS March 13, 2015
How's about roasted cauliflower? There is a nice recipe with almonds that would go well with the lamb here: or there is also a recipe for Za'atar roasted cauliflower on Food 52 that would go well too. Pair that with a simple green salad, Bibb lettuce perhaps and a lemon vinaigrette. Simple, light and delicious!
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