Chasing an Older Recipe for Lamb with Cumin and Lemon

I was served maybe the best lamb dish I've had c. 20 years ago. She, the chef/hostess was cooking out of a French chef's book,iirc.(Jean Georges?) I think the lamb was cubed and in a rich stew sauce, again iirc. Cumin and lemon were the flavors, not other spices or herbs. Can you help find this? I did spend google time before posting here! Thx so much

LeBec Fin
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1 Comment

Nancy January 3, 2016
sounds lovely.
two ideas for you
1) lamb dish with cumin & lemon dominant, no French chef (but Moroccan origin with possible French connections):
2) Pis-aller. Lamb dish with cumin by a French chef, sorry no lemon. In case you can't find your dream recipe, this one, too, is very good.
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