Is it safe to use the leftover sauce from marinating raw chicken if I boil it?

  • Posted by: JulieS
  • March 14, 2015


Susan D. March 22, 2015
No. Best to discard.
Maisie March 15, 2015
Hello JulieS. Your description of Naomi Pomeroy's Wedding Chicken sounds fabulous. Would you be willing to share the recipe please?
JulieS March 16, 2015
Sure! The recipe is from Bon Appetite, the only modifications I made was to decrease the olive oil to 1/4 cup and only used 3 Serrano chilis because I was serving my kids as well. It's a keeper!
Maisie March 17, 2015
Thank you, Julie! Delighted to receive the recipe and very generous of you to share it. I plan on cooking it tonight!

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fearlessem March 14, 2015
It is safe, I have done it, and depending on the marinade, it can be absolutely delicious. I've done it with the CocoChiliLime BBQ sauce on this site!
JulieS March 15, 2015
Thank you. I agree, I was using Naomi Pomeroy's Wedding Chicken and the marinade was so good, I couldn't let it go to waste. I boiled some of it down to a syrup and fried basmati rice in it, just enough to give a little kick. It was delicious!
PazzoNico March 14, 2015
Boiling point; 212 deg. Health department says sauces need to be brought to 165 deg. to kill potentially hazardous bacteria, which also happens to be the temp. poultry needs to be cooked technically, yes. It's safe.

That aside, I don't really see the point. The drippings and juices from the chicken alone (served over rice) will provide ample flavor and moisture to the rice. I always think of rice like a piece of bread; left pretty neutral as a vehicle for other flavors and sauces. I think adding another "sauce" (marinade) will just muddle everything a little too much. Overkill (for lack of a better word). Like drizzling olive oil on buttered bread.

Just my opinion.
boulangere March 14, 2015
How are you thinking to use it? You would likely be better off removing the chicken from its final cooking, and reducing the juices along with some lemon juice and butter at the end to make a deeply flavorful pan sauce.
JulieS March 14, 2015
The chicken gets removed from the marinade and baked at a high temp to crisp. I wanted to used the leftover marinade to drizzle over rice (after it's been boiled, of course). I just never know if this is safe?
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