Potato kugel

Thinking of making a potato kugel for Passover. Your favorite recipe would be appreciated. Also, there is a lot of controversy online about advance prep: freeze raw; freeze baked and reheat in a slow oven; never freeze. It would be great to make ahead and bake when needed, but I don't want to sacrifice taste.



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sydney March 19, 2015

Mitchell Davis in his 'The Mensch Chef' just cooks, cools and serves at room temperature. Do you access to his book, or you can order it? It's been my go-to for traditional Jewish food and I've loved it.

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Nancy March 20, 2015

Sounds like you're juggling competing oven real estate, fridge real estate &, time. Strongly recommend against freezing the Kugel at any stage...may solve your real estate/time problem, but taste & texture suffer. Solutions? The Mitchell Davis room temp option already offered. Split the prep duties with someone else at the dinner, and rewarm Kugel while cooked roast is resting/being carved. Don't make a separate potato dish, but roast some with the entree.

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akrainey March 20, 2015

Thanks for helping me identify my dilemma. I'm going to make a farro salad, served at room temp.

Aliwaks March 20, 2015

The beauty of a potato Kugel is its still pretty great reheated- I would make it the day before and cook it 99% , enough so the potatoes are cooked but it hasn't browned fully- then brush with fat of choice and reheat/brown in oven. Another way would be to make it- slice and then brush with fat and crisp on a sheet pan, which would be different and also awesome.

My favorite recipe is pretty close to a latke bake also it has enough chicken fat to kill you, you can sub olive oil or butter substitute or butter if you are casual about mixing meat/dairy.

4 Yukon gold potatoes
4 Yellow Onions
1/2 cup Schmaltz
3 eggs
Cup matzoh meal
Fresh thyme
Fresh parsley
Salt & Pepper

Caramelize the onions in 3/4 of the schmaltz get them good and brown, you'll hopfeully end up with about a cup and half to 2 cups of cooked onions-let cool (can be done 2-3 days ahead)

Shred potatoes into a bowl of cold water

In a bowl scramble the eggs, add matzoh meal, chopped fresh parsley & chopped fresh thyme leaves, salt & pepper
Squeeze all the water out of the potatoes
add dry dry potatoes to egg/matzoh meal mix
mix in the onions
schmear a baking sheet with schmaltz
pour in potato mixture
brush top with more salt
bake at 375 till cooked through and browned on top

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