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Pressure Cooker (Electric) Questions

I've been using my lovely new InstantPot to make lots of things. I've attempted several grains recently that have turned out horribly. Last night, I did farro and it came out mushy and overcooked. It was 1:3 water and 15 minutes in the cooker. It was basically oatmeal when I was finished. Has anyone had any luck cooking grains in their pressure cooker without overcooking?

asked by Nicole Otis over 1 year ago
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added over 1 year ago

I also have an InstantPot, and I never tried grain cooking in a pressure cooker after reading this post on Serious Eats... http://www.seriouseats...

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added over 1 year ago

Thank you so much for that article! It answered most of the questions I had about this! Now what to do with a whole container of overcooked farro? Lol...I have no idea.