I have a vegetarian coming to dinner. Can this be made (successfully?) with vegetable stock?

Farro Risotto
Recipe question for: Farro Risotto


Katzen March 26, 2015
Hi Sally! As a vegetarian for over 25 years, I've been substituting vegetable stock for chicken stock in recipes for, well, almost that long. Chicken stock is fairly mild, so I use a 'light' vegetable stock, like this one: http://www.food.com/recipe/basic-light-vegetable-stock-56479. You said vegetarian, not vegan, so I assume your guest is like me, and eats dairy products - if you're not sure, you might want to check, due to the butter and parmesean cheese in this delicious sounding dish. By the way, it's very thoughtful of you to consider the broth you're using; I'm sure your guess will be thankful.
Nancy March 26, 2015
Interesting. Is there a difference if opinion here, with Merrill & Katzen favoring a light stock, and PazzoNico what he calls a fortified obe? Or is it just a matter of degree)...how light is light?
Merrill S. March 26, 2015
I'm not against a fortified stock (love the idea of adding a charred onion). I just recommend against using a commercial stock with a heavy root vegetable component (often butternut squash, which makes it very sweet) for this particular recipe.
PazzoNico March 26, 2015
Yes, definitely. You can sub veg. stock for virtually any risotto recipe.

Personally, I would fortify the veg. stock (preferably homemade as mentioned) with some mushroom stems (I like shiitake stems) or dried shiitakes (porcini would overpower) and maybe a couple sprigs of fresh thyme and bay leaf. I also like to add a charred onion half to veg stock (adds color and deep flavor).

Merrill S. March 26, 2015
Yes, absolutely. I'd recommend using a homemade stock (onion, celery, carrot and other aromatics), rather than a store-bought variety, which are often heavy on root vegetables and will make this sweeter than you want it to be. Water is also a viable option.
LE B. March 26, 2015
yes,definitely. stock is stock. where stock is a recipe ingredient, it can be any kind of stock, even if the author specified a different one.
Nancy March 26, 2015
I've made tasty Fargo with either water or veg stock. Reading Merrill's recipe, it looks to have a balance of nutty & light tastes (From the farro & white wine). While I''ve not made this specific recior, I vote yes.
Nancy March 26, 2015
AutoIncorrect only knows "Fargo", Which I''ve not made.
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