I have about 1 1/2 cups of coconut milk left over and have no current use for. Can I freeze the milk or will it store in the refrigerator and for how long? Thank you.



pauljoseph January 1, 2011
Try this chicken curry recipe http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Coriander-Chicken-
isabelita January 1, 2011
Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. I'm actually thinking chicken curry with rice a good way to use the coconut milk. I'm so happy I joined "food52".
RobertaJ December 31, 2010
I've frozen coconut milk many times with no loss of quality, at least that I could see. I usually freeze it (and other liquids, stock, lemon juice, etc.) in my ice cube trays, so I have small quantities available if I need it. I can always use my whole stash if need be, but having it in smaller amounts is useful to me. Just measure how much it takes to fill your trays (mine are about 2 tablespoons each), and you'll know how much to pull when you need it.
pauljoseph December 31, 2010
Very good information about can coconut milk http://www.thaifoodandtravel.com/ingredients/cocmilk.html
always040 December 31, 2010
bella s.f.: can you share your coconut rice recipe? Sounds delicious!

I have kept it in the fridge and made coconut curry soup with whatever veg I have in the fridge later that week. I've frozen coconut milk soup and its been fine.
bella S. December 31, 2010
I've made coconut rice with coconut milk and frozen that in baggies that are flattened. That way they take up very little room in the freezer. We serve dishes like curries over the rice. With the sauces that the dishes have, the rice works perfectly. It can be very convenient.
beyondcelery December 31, 2010
If you're going to bake with it or cook it into rice, you can freeze it and thaw it later. It will separate in a funny way, but just stir it up and use it like usual and it'll work without issue. Any other use (such as stirring into a curry) won't work as well once it's been frozen.
Homemadecornbread December 31, 2010
You can keep it in the fridge without loosing flavor for about 5 days. I've never frozen it, but I'm thinking that may not be successful due to the fat content.
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