Bacon drippings or melted butter to roast a chicken

Getting ready to roast a couple of chickens with root vegetables; wondering if I should brush the chickens with bacon drippings or melted butter?



amysarah April 21, 2015
Butter or neither, just use a good quality chicken. Bacon tends to dominate - I think it could mask the chicken's more understated flavor and hijack the dish. Maybe roast your root vegetables separately with a little bacon fat, if you want that flavor in the meal too.
Greenstuff April 20, 2015
Neither would also be fine. There are plenty of great roast chickens with nice crispy skins that haven't had any additional oils brushed over them.

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PieceOfLayerCake April 20, 2015
I suppose if you want your chicken to taste somewhat of bacon...use the drippings. I'm a purist when it comes to chicken so I generally stick to butter or olive oil. I don't think you can generally go wrong with fat, though.
Garlic F. April 20, 2015
Both? :-) I don't usually brush the chicken before I roast it. I like to tuck some butter or extra flavoring under the skin and inside the cavity to season the meat because the flavoring on the outside will not penetrate the meat inside.
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