Use 1 egg instead of 2 egg white

Chocolate-Dipped Seed Cookies
Recipe question for: Chocolate-Dipped Seed Cookies


foofaraw April 23, 2015
*For some reason I can't edit my original question, sorry for the incomplete question. The question is, instead of 2 egg whites, can I use 1 whole egg instead? Would that affect the texture? Some cookies need only egg white to make it crunchier, and some need more egg yolk to make it softer. How about this cookies. Thank you in advance!
LE B. April 23, 2015
i would advise sending an email to the recipe author. if you click on their name, you will go to their profile page and you can click on the envelope to email them.
foofaraw April 23, 2015
Le Bec Fin: Thanks for the info! I clicked on the name, but I can't find the envelope button. Did I just miss it? Is it on the top of the page or something?
Susan W. April 23, 2015
Llanelli, when you go to her profile, under her location and website address, you will see a horizontal list of icons. The little envelope is the first one.
foofaraw April 23, 2015
Susan W: gotcha! My Ghostery and AdBlocker prevented me from seeing the email button. I will post the results (substitution or not) on the recipe after trying later on.
Susan W. April 23, 2015
I wonder why my Kindle decided your name should be Llanelli instead of lleello. Lol
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