A question about a recipe: Louisa's Cake

I have a question about the recipe "Louisa's Cake" from Jennifer Wagner. Do you squeeze out the apple? My shredded apples gave off a lot of juice, about 1/2c all told

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Louisa's Cake
Recipe question for: Louisa's Cake


Patti February 12, 2017
I have made this cake a half dozen or more times. never squeezed out any juice. also ever made a lot of effort to be exact about the one cup of apple. it has been glorious every time.
Lindsay-Jean H. April 28, 2015
Hi Windischgirl, the recipe doesn't call for squeezing the juice out of the shredded apples—though you're right, 1/2 C of juice from 1 C of apples does seem extra juicy!
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