A question about a recipe: Kouign Amann

I have a question about the recipe "Kouign Amann" from Yossy Arefi. 110 degree F water?

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  • Posted by: Kate
  • April 25, 2015
Kouign Amann
Recipe question for: Kouign Amann


Kate April 25, 2015
Didn't get to ask the full question -- How important is it that the water be at 110 degrees? If it's important, how do I know that it's at 110 degrees? (I don't have a thermometer.)
Andrea Y. April 25, 2015
110 is in the middle of the range of temperatures for water to put yeast in - 105 to 115. This may vary by person, but I have found that this is what works for me: I tweak the water temperature from my kitchen faucet so that when I put my hand in the stream, I get the sting of hot water, but I am able to leave my hand in the water. More than 115 and I have to jerk my hand away, less than 105 and the water feels warm but I don't get that bite of hot water. This "sting but can stay" temperature seems to be right at 110. But others may have different sensitivities to temperature, so the first time you find this spot, I'd check it to make sure it's close to 110. Hope this helps. This is easier than dragging out the thermometer every time I need 110 F water.
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