Does the coconut milk need to be full fat or will it work regardless?

Berries n' Cream POPS
Recipe question for: Berries n' Cream POPS


PieceOfLayerCake May 27, 2015
If your definition of "work" is "taste as good", than no.
Susan W. May 27, 2015
Full fat is better, but I bought trader Joe's light and made some similar pops and they were still great. Sort of like ice milk vs ice cream.
Emily L. May 27, 2015
thank you! I have a can of light and was hoping I would be able to use it for this.
Susan W. May 27, 2015
Yep, it's not creamy, but will be refreshing and tasty. Most typical popsicles are somewhat icy, so no worries. Do try it with full fat next time though. It will make you happy. :)
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