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Hi. Would love some advice. I took a knife skills class at the Auguste Escoffier school of culinary arts in Boulder, CO. It was such a disappointed:(. I thought taking a class at this type school it would be amazing, it was a waste of time and money. Any suggestions on the best way to learn knife skills? online class? sur la table? I am in Boulder, CO and would appreciate any suggestions on knife skills and cooking classes.. Thank you!

Ellie Landau


Kemi325 December 20, 2017
What made you disappointed? That you didn't come away with the ability to slice, and chop fast? It is a SKILL that needs to be honed. Active practice is the only way to improve your technique, and speed. I am culinary trained and my knife work goes down if I don't handle my knives for whatever reason.

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Em December 20, 2017
Nancy's idea is a great one. Find some videos online, or check Jacque Pepin's book Complete Techniques (or similar) out of the library, and get cracking!
Buy a whole bag of onions to dice, or six whole chickens to debone, or a crate of fish to gut, or whatever you need for practice. Practice the skill, then use the product for a dinner party or meal prep.
Nancy December 18, 2017
Practice brings skill.
Why not organize a bunch of parties with some other people interested in improving their knife skills.
Concentrate each session on a particular knife (e.g. chef, serrated, boning) or foods (engn basic veg, herbs, fish, meat or specialty veg as they come into season (artichoke, asparagus, winter squash).
Let the prep be the party and take home the results, or eat a meal together.
You might combine this idea with Chops' suggestion of hiring a teacher or using online teaching videos (free or purchased).
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 18, 2017
I recall Williams-Sonoma having knife skill classes. My local butcher holds a classes and has knife skills one. I went to a party last weekend and it centered around breaking down a side a beef. Unfortunately, I'm in CT but you can call some hip butcher shops and ask.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 18, 2017
Just thinking out of the classroom setting box... You could look around and hire aprofessional, private chef to come to your home for a few hours.
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