lemons/fruits doesn't sink in my drink dispenser like the pinterest pictures

I'm trying to make my drinks visually similar to a lot of the pinterest pictures but the lemons and other fruits don't sink or stay attached to the dispenser wall. They just float to the top instead..... How do I fix this?

Marly jane P.
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nancy E. June 8, 2015
That is an awful lot of fruit in the pics which would pile down into the liquid, making it appear to sink, adding ice also helps
PieceOfLayerCake June 6, 2015
Pegeen June 6, 2015
I bet if you brushed/rubbed just the tiniest bit of neutral oil (like canola) on the side of the fruit, it would stick to dry glass. Otherwise the comment here about using a lot of ice makes sense, although it will of course dilute your drink. I think it looks fine with the fruit floating on top - it will flavor the beverage whether it's on the top or the sides. Maybe just give the carafe a stir every now and then to keep the flavors distributed.
Claire S. June 6, 2015
I think the Pinterest pictures are done by adding loads of ice to the drinks and then carefully sliding the fruit slices in down the sides of the ice
Susan W. June 5, 2015
Oh, I thought those were yours. Can you message people on Pinterest? Probably not or you would have done it. It could be as simple as snapping the photo right after the liquid was poured as the fruit was floating up. That's not much help. Sorry.
Susan W. June 5, 2015
Are those your pitchers? If so, that looks beautiful. They must be using tricks to keep their fruit from floating because fruit floats. That's why the spigot are always toward the bottom.
Marly J. June 5, 2015
no my fruit doesn't stay on the sides, it floats to the top. I want to make it look like the picture
Diana June 5, 2015
Fruit naturally floats, so I'm not sure you can make it sink. Do you have an example of what you're trying to achieve?
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