Can I use balsamic vinegar in a braised chicken?

I'm doing a traditional braised chicken. When I add the tomato paste can I also add balsamic vinegar? What would that do to the overall taste?

Talin Rosemary Yeremian


scruz June 6, 2015
if i make chicken and want to add balsamic vinegar, i use the white basalmic so it doesn't darken the dish excessively.
PieceOfLayerCake June 6, 2015
I love adding a bit of vinegar or citrus into a slow braise/stew, however, I generally do it closer to the end so its brightness is preserved. Balsamic will lose a great deal of its complexity over time, so if you'd like to use it, I would add it off the fire and let the residual heat take the edge off of it. You don't want it to just blend in, though, especially since balsamic is so expensive.
Greenstuff June 6, 2015
Yes, you can. It will make it sweeter and more complex. There are lots of recipes for chicken that include vinegar and some that include both red wine and balsamic vinegar. In that case, the balsamic takes the edge off the harsher red wine vinegar.
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