Best cukes for pickles?

I'm making quick sake pickles (sake, seasoned rice vinegar, red Fresno chile, grated ginger and sesame seeds). In a test batch I used mini seedless cukes, but they got way too soft. Suggestions? Pickling cukes vs. English hothouse cukes?

  • Posted by: JulieS
  • June 11, 2015


Horto June 13, 2015
Chef June,
Tell me about the cornichons
Can't seem to find how to make that pickle
Or which cukes to use
I have planted Persian cukes year
Did u process in boiling wTer bath?
JulieS June 12, 2015
My mother always gets Kirby's in NY, but I can't find them here in the suburbs in MA. Whole Foods has hothouse English cukes and sometimes pickling cukes - which don't really look like Kirby's.

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cookbookchick June 11, 2015
Kirby cucumbers are best for pickling, in my opinion. They are the variety commonly used for the typical dill pickle. They're often found fresh in summertime. I see them occasionally at supermarkets, but make sure you by very firm, unblemished Kirbys and pickle them soon after purchase. I have found that they don't keep well.
cookbookchick June 11, 2015
I like them best for salads, too -- they're very crisp and tasty.
ChefJune June 12, 2015
Kirby cukes are the best that are widely available. I amde some cornichons from tiny Persian cukes last summer, but I wouldn't have known of them or how to source them except for the farmer at the Greenmarket who grows them.
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