Recipe calls for juice of 3 lemons

I'm making Sandy Smith's Lemon Basil Sherbet for the first time. It calls for the juice of three lemons. However, my lemons are huge. Is there a standard conversion to Tbsp/lemon in recipes? This is my first attempt with my ice cream maker, and I didn't know if the amount of juice would change the texture. Thanks for any advice!

By Sandy Smith •

  • Posted by: Sue
  • June 20, 2015


Monita June 20, 2015
A small lemon will yield 2tbls of juice while a large (soft)one will yield as much as a 1/4 cup, which is probably what your lemons will yield, If the recipe is calling for the juice of 3 lemons I wouldn't use more than 9 tablespoons or a little more than 1/2 cup
Sue June 21, 2015
Thanks Monita - I averaged out between the answers, and was happy to find that ice cream doesn't have to as precise as baking. It was great!
Susan W. June 20, 2015
Recently, I started measuring the juice from lemons because I wanted to freeze extra in ice cube trays in 1 tbs amounts. My lemons have consistently had 2 TBS juice in each lemon. Google says 3 TBS. I nuke mine and get every drop out.
Sue June 20, 2015
Thanks Susan - I got both 2 and 3 Tbsp when I googled. I'm glad to know your "field tested" measurement.
Susan W. June 21, 2015
You are welcome. I consider my lemons large. Most of the time, they are fairly thick skinned...I'm curious to know what yours yielded and how your sherbet turned out, so do report back. :)
Sue June 21, 2015
Susan - I ended up getting close to 3 Tbsp per lemon. I put most of it in the sherbet. It turned out great! I made some basil cookies as well, and the two went together in a wonderful way. I appreciate the input on quantities!
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