I don't see the fire roasted tomatoes listed on the ingredient list. What size can?

  • Posted by: Mecross
  • June 21, 2015


Jenny H. June 21, 2015
Well you can't very well have tomato sauce without tomatoes! I used a 14.5 oz can. Recipe should be correct now. Hope you enjoy the dish!
Mecross June 21, 2015
Thank you so much for your response. The recipe looks yummy!
Nancy June 21, 2015
pending the recipe author jumping in, this dish (both from reading and picture) sounds like a version of shakshuka (20 recipes here) which is a tomato-based sauce in which eggs are poached. So the tomatoes were inadvertently left out of the sauce recipe. Start with 1 cup and add more to your liking - to your taste, to your eye. It's not baking, which is chemistry and precise.
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