Amount of Dukkah



Mecross July 1, 2015
Thanks so much Antonio! We had this today for lunch and it was very good.
Mecross July 1, 2015
Oops, hit wrong button. Rest of question. Which is it, one teaspoon or a pinch?
Dijon or stoneground mustard (if not using an aioli with a strong mustard flavor) 1 teaspoon dukkah, or more, or less, to taste
A healthy pinch of dukkah, or more, or less, to taste
AntoniaJames July 1, 2015
Well, you just put on however much you like. A teaspoon might equal more than "a healthy pinch" depending on how much you grab. Thanks for pointing this out. I cannot edit the recipe because it was chosen as a Wildcard, so I'll ask the Food52 team to do so for me. Cheers. ;o)
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