what is a good substitute for bread flour?



mcs3000 January 3, 2011
@nutcakes and @savorykitchen: I use King Arthur AP - great to know about it's protein factor. Currently, I have a lot of flours on hand because I'm baking my way through "Good to the Grain." Finally, thank you all for your comments - learned so much! I'm actually glad I ran out of bread flour.
Savorykitchen January 3, 2011
Ditto nutcakes. I use King Arthur AP for all my baking and I bake a lot of breads. I found it to be too much trouble to keep so many flours on hand. Also, I took a breadmaking course at King Arthur and they use their AP in the excellent breads they bake for their bakeshop - I figure if it's good enough for them, it more than good enough for me!
nutcakes January 3, 2011
If you have King Arthur, it is the highest protein AP flour I know of and will be a good sub. Hope this isn't too late.
mcs3000 January 2, 2011
@Verdigris - Thank you for the tip and brand suggestion - will buy it.
Verdigris January 2, 2011
We keep vital gluten around for those occassions as well as just normal bread making. Bob's Red Mill has a good product.
mcs3000 January 2, 2011
Thank you, Amanda. I'll try it tonite. Have 9 flours, but out of bread flour..!
Amanda H. January 2, 2011
It's not perfect but I find unbleached all-purpose flour a fine substitute for bread flour.
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