Your favorite KitchenAid attachment??? Sur La Table is having 30% off I ...

already have the grinder---which I love (but not crazy about the oxidation issue). Thank you for any input!



sonya August 10, 2015
Ah, forgot about the juicer...I must say that it comes in handy for making large amounts of juice, but it is not worth pulling out for a small amount; for those jobs I have the Amco Houseworks Enameled ones (lemon, lime, oranges). The Amco one is a bit too small for the oranges from my grocery store but I just quarter them and it works fine. I've never owned another juicer and so I wish I had something to compare it to, as far as convience. I don't think I'd buy it again, but I'm not sure.... I might have done more research for the best juicer, since I don't really care if it can attach to my kitchenaid so much as that it does a good job (and which ones take up the least space in my cupboard - this one's not too huge).
sonya August 10, 2015
I got rather obssessed about five years ago and bought nearly every one! For a while, my faovrite was the ice cream maker, but I did later read on Cook's Illustrated that it makes a more airy ice cream than ideal - however, I LOVED the ice cream. The only reason I got rid of it is that I make so much homemade ice cream that I treated myself to the kind you plug in so I don't have to freeze the canister 16 hours ahead of time (and can now make back to back flavors). I gave the kitchenaid one to a vegan friend and she loves making sorbets in it. Also gave one as a gift to my sister.

I use the strainer attachment to make soups and applesauce, but honestly I think Icould do without that one - if I didn't have the Mixer Bible cookbook telling me how to use that attachment, I'd still be a bit fuzzy. Most soups I just puree in the blender, and the strainer separates out the solids which most recipes don't expect you to be able to do, so I don't find it that practical.

The slicer/shredder I ended up donating to good-will because I use my food processor for that now and it was taking up space.

The food grinder which you have, I use a fair bit, but probably only because I bought the Mixer Bible cookbook and I am trying all of the sausage recipes in that book. If you want to grind your own beef or pork to have better quality meats for homemade hamburgers, you can actually also do it in a food processor too, but I think this works a bit better, as you may have found.

I love the pasta making attachments - somewhere I read that their original one was not so good, but the long silver ones are great. The only problem is that you need to get so many of them since each one only makes one type of noodle :) I have five of them. Later I got the newer short pasta attachment and that is just one purchase that lets you make macaroni noodles (two sizes I think), rigatoni, etc. - that's quite nice. Homemade pasta does take extra time, so it's just if you're interested in getting into that. Sometimes I take the time and othertimes I just buy the Del Cecco brand which is good. I have made several flavored pastas from The Mixer Bible (spinach, beat, lemon pepper, caper, tomato paste, hot chili, parsley), but to be honest the flavors aren't that strong in the pasta, it's just more fun than anything.

I never did get the sausage attachment because the reviews were bad, just I just keep my sausage in loose form and make it into patties. I also read bad reviews about the ravioli maker, so I just bought a hand press from Williams Sonoma and that worked well the two times I made ravioli :)

Hope that helps and happy shopping!
SilverSage July 11, 2015
My favorites are the pasta rollers & the sausage grinder. Both make such a difference over store bought products.
cookbookchick July 10, 2015
I agree that the pasta roller is great to have. I don't see it in SurLaTable's website alone, however. I only see the set with the roller and two cutters (which is what I have). Amazon has both. And the Amazon price for the set of three is about $10 less than SLT's sale price.

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PieceOfLayerCake July 10, 2015
Pasta roller! I use it for SO many tasks! The juicer comes in handy more often than I would have thought at first, too.
Garlic F. July 10, 2015
I just like having extra whipping tools or paddles
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