Binding agent for pulled brisket croquettes?

Hey all,

I'm making some croquettes with pulled smoked brisket. The idea is that I'll smoke the meat, steam it, and then pull it apart before shaping it into balls, coating in flour, egg and breadcrumbs, and deep frying.

I made them previously using mashed potato as a binder, which worked great, but the feedback was that it didn't look great - the white colour of the potato was off-putting and looked a bit like congealed fat.

I'm thinking that egg might be the way to go, or maybe arrowroot?

Anyone have any bright ideas?




bigpan July 13, 2015
Also, try using Panko instead of regular bread crumb.
BurntCream July 13, 2015
Thanks - I tried egg and a tiny bit of flour and it worked perfectly!
Nancy July 12, 2015
This recipe for brisket latkes (potato pancakes with the cooked shredded meat incorporated into the batter) may be of interest, in itself or for its ratios of meat to potatoes.
HalfPint July 11, 2015
Egg, yes. Or possibly unflavored gelatin
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