Green bean lunches

I'm trying to eat really healthy and I have a tons of beans in the garden. How do I make a super hardy lunch to take to work?

  • Posted by: kimhw
  • July 19, 2015


Sam1148 July 19, 2015
Take a search on this site for "Amanda's Kids Lunch" in "Articles". You'll find dozens of suggestion.
Meaghan F. July 19, 2015
This pairing of cold pork roast & green bean-fennel salad from the NY Times is one of my favs, but the salad works just fine on its own. If you can, blanch the green beans ahead of time but slice the fennel and add the dressing about a half-hour before you eat it.
Uncle J. July 19, 2015
This korean influenced green bean and chicken salad has become a regular at our house:
inpatskitchen July 19, 2015
And this one from AntoniaJames is wonderful:
marymichael July 19, 2015
Are we allowed to provide a link? I love Jamie Deen's Green Bean Salad.
inpatskitchen July 19, 2015
I watched Lidia Bastianich make this lovely salad the other day. In her headnote she suggests adding tuna or sardines for a more substantial salad.
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