What's the best way to seal the edges? I am constantly beset by gaping halves no matter how much I mash them together

  • Posted by: Niknud
  • July 29, 2015
Pizza Pockets
Recipe question for: Pizza Pockets


boulangere July 29, 2015
Word to the wise: resist he urge to overfill. Here as with ravioli. Less is more.
PieceOfLayerCake July 29, 2015
Btw.... "constantly beset by gaping halves" is going to find its way into my daily conversation from now on. Thank you.
Niknud July 30, 2015
Clearly raising the bar in culinary dialogue....although I would have settled for neatly sealed edges. :)
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PieceOfLayerCake July 29, 2015
When I egg wash, I only brush one side since egg wash doesn't stick as well to more egg wash. Then I make sure I don't stretch the dough, if you stretch it, no amount of crimping or egg wash will prevent it from shrinking back, especially a relatively lean dough like this.
HalfPint July 29, 2015
I would say "don't overfill with cheese" as tempting as that can be. To keep the seal intact, maybe brush a little beaten egg along the edge and then crimp with a fork. Also important, make small slashes or holes on the top of the pocket to let the steam vent out. This would help you avoid the 'blowouts' that leave gaping halves.
Niknud July 30, 2015
That's the real tragedy - I didn't overstuff. A measly sprinkling. Maybe doing the egg wash inside of one of the square as PieceofLayerCake recommends.... I'll give it a whirl!
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