Can I use a springform pan instead of a tart pan? What about just a cookie sheet?

I want to make this peach tart:

Can I use my spring form? Or I saw some people say they just stretched out the dough, arranged the fruit, then folded the dough up over the edge-will
that work?

  • Posted by: Megan
  • August 16, 2015


ChefJune August 17, 2015
I just have to chime in and say this is one of the most delicious and beautiful desserts I have made recently. Everyone oohed and ahed when I brought it to the table.
Nancy August 17, 2015
Megan - got copy of your post that you made tart & it looked good. Just curious - what recipe did you use? How thick or thin was filling? Texture of crust? Last but not least, taste?
Megan August 17, 2015
It was so good! It's extremely hot here (100 this weekend), so it didn't set as well as I would have liked but was still delicious. I will probably do slightly less almond extract next time for my taste...others loved it, but I'd like it to be more subtle. Crust is really flaky and good-loved the cast iron! I only used two large peaches, probably could have done three.
drbabs August 16, 2015
Here's an article about how to hack a tart pan with a cookie sheet:
PieceOfLayerCake August 16, 2015
I'd be concerned that this dough would be too soft for a galette-style tart. You could have both at the ready, a springform and a sheet pan, and decide when you've made the dough. Its a press-in crust, so it needs a bit of containment. A springform would work, but so would a shallow skillet....I like making pies and tarts in a skillet. Nice and rustic :)
Megan August 16, 2015
Would you adjust the bake time if you used a skillet?
PieceOfLayerCake August 16, 2015
Since a skillet is generally deeper than a tart pan, I'd choose something smaller than a tart pan (8 - 9" range), arrange the peach slices tighter (standing them on their side perhaps?), and bake it a little lower for a little longer. You could probably do 375 - 400 for perhaps 10 minutes longer. Its difficult to tell without testing it, but thankfully the recipe gives visual cues for the finished product. Let the tart talk to you ;) and let me know how it works if you choose this route.
Megan August 16, 2015
It turned out really well! I mean, it looks pretty and smells great, but I haven't tasted it yet. I left it at 425 (my oven, I'm pretty sure, runs on the cool side) for 32 minutes. Can't wait to try it! Thanks for your help!
Megan August 18, 2015
Omg made this again and baked it at 400 for 40 minutes, so much better! I also did 1-3/4 almond extract instead of 2 tsp. It's also 20 degrees cooler tonight than it was yesterday afternoon, so I think that helped too!
Nancy August 16, 2015
yes, both will work fine. If you make it on a sheet pan, think of it as a free form tart.
Megan August 16, 2015
Thank you! Any suggestions for how much room to leave around to fruit? Should I just fold up the edges? First time trying a tart...
Nancy August 16, 2015
Some round free form tart recipes recommend up to 2" fold-over rim, while some rolled-out rectangular ones say about 1", with a bit of a pinch or fold to help contain any glaze or filling that might run over.
Personally, I favor the smaller rim, because I like a higher ratio of filling to crust than you get with the round tart and wider rim.
But both are good, so choose what you like better, or experiment and then choose.
Here are a couple links to recipes that help:
David Tanis
Smitten Kitchen
David Lebovitz
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