Looking for a recipe for a gluten free lactose free cake that is tasty- tried one before and it was awful =(



beyondcelery January 4, 2011
Here is my chocolate cake recipe:
beyondcelery January 4, 2011
This is my GF blog:

I don't have one of my cake recipes on it yet, but I can send you one later today. Or, if you have a favorite recipe, I'm quite good at turning non-GF recipes into GF recipes. Post it and I'd be happy to modify it for you! (I made a chocolate cake for my wedding.)
sdunleavy January 4, 2011
a friend is in from holland and going back so something special. I'm thinking chocolate but who doesnt love cake. just has to be delish.
POTATO January 4, 2011
There are so many good recipes for what you seek. Chocolate, vanilla, lemon? Something else? If you could make your FAVORITE cake -- and have it be gf and dairy-free -- what would it be?
plevee January 4, 2011
Try Cannelle et Vanille's website - loads of great gluten free recipes
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