Uses for brava sauce (tomato based)

I made a ton of brava sauce (great easy recipe by Jose Andres: for my Spanish tortilla. Any suggestions for using the extra sauce? FYI it has tomatoes, a bit of red wine vinegar, bay leaf and smoked paprika. Thanks!



Kristen W. August 31, 2015
I'm not familiar with brava sauce, but from the recipe I could see maybe sautéing some shrimp and tossing it in the sauce, or possibly using it as a braising liquid or part of a braising liquid for chicken thighs.
Nancy August 30, 2015
To poach eggs. Moroccan skillet dish. Also good with added dark greens.
Good for a light dinner or lunch.
Look for shakshuka recipes (on this site and elsewhere).
Cav August 30, 2015
Use it where you might want a ketchup. So, fries and burgers. Should be good with fish too.
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