Lost Pickles

Several months ago, I made a great quick cucumber pickle. It had Asian flavors. I remember a little fish sauce going in. I think it may have been presented as a garnish for something else. The pickles were great and I was so sure I'd remember where I found the recipe. Ha! Does this ring a bell with anyone? Anyone help me find the lost pickles? Or do I have to start experimenting?

  • Posted by: Nora
  • February 2, 2019


Nancy February 2, 2019
Search web by something like "quick asian cucumber pickle" and don't confine yourself to where you think you first saw the recipe.
When I did this I got more than 1.25 million hits...
You could modify it for better searching if you remember something more focussed, like another ingredient or a country of origin.
Karen F. February 2, 2019
Was it these? https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/quick-spicy-asian-pickles-238544
Nora February 4, 2019
That looks like it, or so very close. Many thanks, Karen. I'll make sure this one doesn't get lost!
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