A question about a recipe: Quick Hot Pickled Peppers

I have a question about the recipe "Quick Hot Pickled Peppers" from Mei Chin. Would it be possible to can this recipe? If so... how? Would it make the texture all wrong? How about freezing?

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Quick Hot Pickled Peppers
Recipe question for: Quick Hot Pickled Peppers


MrsWheelbarrow September 29, 2015
This recipe might be safe for canning with a few alterations. (I say might because I haven't tested the pH, and therefore cannot be certain.) That said, it is similar to my recipe for marinated roasted red peppers which has been tested and approved by a trusted source. I would suggest the following changes: skip the sugar, use half the garlic and replace the sherry vinegar with apple cider or white vinegar. Also, do not cook the peppers in the brine as long or the processing will mush them. Process pints for 20 minutes. I realize it is not the same recipe, so you may not want to use this, but using the current recipe has some issues. Freezing probably will not work. When defrosted, I fear the peppers would disintegrate. Proceed at your own risk if you decide to can this recipe.
trampledbygeese September 29, 2015
Thanks for the suggestions. That's very helpful.
ktr September 26, 2015
I would recommend using a recipe that is made for canning. I've never frozen peppers so I'm not sure how that would affect the recipe.
hardlikearmour September 26, 2015
I don't think texture would be an issue -- Mama Lil's come canned. I think I'd ask mrswheelbarrow about food safety with the olive oil and garlic in the mix it may require a pressure canner.
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