can i marinade poultry , beef ,and lamb and freeze? and should i avoid any kind of seasoning?

i'm having a party in a month so i want to have less work by preparing and marinading some meat in advance. but i'm a little worried that it affects the meat quality and changes the texture and taste of meat.

  • Posted by: jummana
  • September 30, 2015


702551 September 30, 2015
Personally, I'm not keen on marinaded meats but here goes...

You'll get better results if you do this the opposite way.

Make the marinades in advance, then freeze. Closer to party time, defrost the marinades then add fresh (not frozen) meat for the recommended marinading time (hours, a day or two).
ChefJune September 30, 2015
I've never tried it, but it doesn't sound like a good idea to me. I would consult Shirley Corriher or Harold McGee before doing this.
sydney September 30, 2015
I haven't had great results myself. Possibly my marinated poultry turned out best, but I recall lamb and beef whose textures turned mealy after having been frozen. If I do it again with red meat I'll use ground meat (meatballs, meat sauce...) instead of intact pieces. Marinating and freezing seems tricky to me now. Good luck!
anne F. September 30, 2015
I haven't tried this but I think it would work well. I would marinate it for the amount of time you want in the fridge and then pop it in the fridge. Frozen marinade isn't going to continue to penetrate the meat.

I would also so light on the salt. The meat sitting with a salt marinade and then thawing with that marinade might make it too salty. Just add the salt to taste as you are cooking for the right flavor.
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