Cooking for an Event

Seven of us are preparing to cook for over 200 people in a couple of weeks and are maybe panicking just a little. Any suggestions for no-cook, easily scalable apps + small bites?

Taylor Schwartz


QueenSashy October 1, 2015
You could plan the menu around dishes that can be prepared ahead of time / day before: baked savories, which you can serve with jam and cheese, nice spreads, marinated and grilled vegetables, vegetable muffins, marinated mushrooms, cold meats with sauce, cookies -- so that you can really worry only about the assembly on the day of the event.
PieceOfLayerCake September 30, 2015
Nancy September 30, 2015
Please give us some more context...age of guests, more of men or women?, time of it a meal or just snacks/reception? Is it a celebration, meeting, family reunion? With more info we can give better advice...
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