bland soup

I made an exceedingly bland pot of chicken noodle soup. What can I add in the morning when I pack the leftovers for lunch to wake it up a little? I have no lemons on hand...



Picholine October 11, 2015
I would say you should reheat and add chicken base that will fortify the bland chicken stock and if needed more salt to taste. You can buy the chicken base in the grocery store it is a paste in a jar an very cheap.
Niknud October 7, 2015
I have the same problem with my kiddos who love bland food - gack! I usually add a whole mess of cholula to my bowl chicken soup along with some cheese on top and pretend I meant to make it that way.
Rachel October 7, 2015
A splash of white vinegar and some fresh cracked pepper.
Shuna L. October 7, 2015
Fresh herbs, fresh cracked black pepper, fresh cut carrots/celery, caramelized onions. Call me crazy, but chicken soup is one of the few things I like to keep "sweet," meaning, not salty. I like it to taste of chicken essence... it might be the latent jewish grandmother in me...

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Kristen W. October 3, 2015
Probably too late now, but I would probably have stuck it back on the stove in the morning and simmered to reduce it further, and then just added salt. Chicken broth can take lots of add-ins (carrots, celery, etc.) to round out and enhance flavor, but fundamentally requires nothing more than chicken, salt, and maybe some onion for a perfectly robust flavor.
madcow19 October 2, 2015
Julienne some fresh carrots and zucchini and cook for a few minutes.
scruz October 2, 2015
soy, fish sauce, worsterchire, all add salt and fish sauce really is salty but gives a nice flavor. i add it to all kinds of things such as stews, soups, braises. some fresh sautéed celery is flavorful with the right flavor profile.
HalfPint October 2, 2015
Ginger for a more Asian-profile.
Smoked paprika
Curry powder
Thai curry paste
fresh herbs like parsley, thyme, basil

TobiT October 2, 2015
Lemon juice and salt
702551 October 1, 2015
Salt? MSG? Cognac? Soy sauce? Bacon?
keel October 1, 2015
How about some tabasco? You could add a bit of cayenne or regular hot sauce too.
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