Can all-purpose flour be used in lieu of tapioca flour?

  • Posted by: Callie
  • October 2, 2015
Brazilian Cheesy Bread
Recipe question for: Brazilian Cheesy Bread


PieceOfLayerCake October 2, 2015
Unfortunately, if you're looking for authentic pão de queijo, particularly in texture, the tapioca or cassava flour is essential. You could try subbing it out for flour, but it will not be the same.
Jan W. October 3, 2015
Yes, this is a difficult thing to sub to get the authentic springy texture of real pão de queijo. I would use cornstarch instead of tapioca/cassava flour, but you will have to adjust the cooking time (or possibly temperature) to make sure the starch completely gelatinizes. Cassava takes less time to cook than cornstarch. You might also try sweet rice flour used to make mochi and other Japanese 'wagashi' confectionery, but again you would have to experiment with the cooking time/temp/moisture content, but rice flour has been used as a substitute for cassava somewhat frequently.
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