I have chx breasts, asparagus, mushrooms & redpotatoes I know there has to be a good recipe in there somewhere. any suggestions?

  • Posted by: @HDM425
  • January 5, 2011


nutcakes January 5, 2011
I'd probably roast everything, just addding the potatoes and chicken breast first (in bone-on, later if not) and the mushrooms in the middle and the asparagus for the last 6 minutes or so.

Or you could stuff the chicken breast with sliced sauteed mushroom and asparagus bound with goat cheese, ricotta and parmesan, or even cream cheese. Stuff under the skin or bone and roll, add a little white wine and/or chicken stock to the pan and roast with potatoes till done.
TopChef8682 January 5, 2011
there's a recipe in Relish Magazine this month for Chile Chicken over Asparagus...looks yummy! I kno that still leaves your shrooms & taters...also check Kraft's website..they allow you to enter in a few ingredients in a search field & they look for matchin recipes...hope you find something
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