Looking for fresh morel mushroom recipes/suggestions, please!

Found my usual haul, and I'd love to hear other ideas of how to cook them - one of my favorite things to do with them is serve them in a cream sauce with asparagus, poached egg, and a pinch of lemon zest over a slice of good, crusty bread. But I'd like to try something else and I'm looking for suggestions!

Stephanie B.


Nancy W. May 3, 2017
You are so fortunate to have a "usual haul"! In our house, the ONLY way to eat morels is to dredge them in flour and pan fry them.
Stephanie B. May 3, 2017
Yes, I know I'm lucky with the little morel patch out back! It's my last season here before I move so I wanted to treat 'em special this year. Thanks for the idea!
ChefJune May 1, 2017
Imho the less you do to them, the better. Onions or ramps or leeks and morels make a lovely sauce for linguine when laced together with a bit of white French vermouth. If you really have a mess of them, they're wonderful sautéed in the best butter you can find and served alongside some seared scallops. or a veal chop.
Stephanie B. May 3, 2017
Oooh scallops sound good too! But I agree, simple for morels is the best. Thanks!
QueenSashy April 30, 2017
I love this recipe.... https://food52.com/recipes/11097-morel-crostini I often forgo the crostini part and use the leeks and morels on polenta or pasta. Sometimes I add a touch of white wine.
Stephanie B. April 30, 2017
Thank you! I like the lack of cream in this recipe.
QueenSashy April 30, 2017
Forgot to mention, works wonders on fish. I used it on roasted halibut and cod.
Nancy April 30, 2017
In a classic red wine sauce to use over steak.
On spaghetti or papardelle - your asparagus sauce, or with peas, or with tomato.
Stephanie B. April 30, 2017
Oh thanks Nancy! Red wine sauce and steak sounds like the other end of the spectrum from my usual, great idea!
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