Green Pumpkin Pie, what happened?

Why did my Pumpkin pie turn green? Taste was great. Used canned pumpkin.

  • Posted by: Babs
  • November 29, 2019


Miss_Karen December 1, 2019
Perhaps call the company (Libbys etc) that produced the canned pumpkin (customer service) you could get the number on Google or look at a can in the store. If nothing else they might send you some coupons as compensation.
boulangere November 29, 2019
Could you give us another clue? What were your other ingredients?
Babs November 30, 2019
Followed recipe from Food network. Eggs, sugar, heavy cream, cinnamon, nutmeg and canned pumpkin were the main ingredients. This was poured into a Pillsbury pie shell. Baked for 35 minutes. This is so mind boggling to me. Why wasn’t my pumpkin pie orange?
boulangere November 30, 2019
Babs, I have to confess that I am at a loss. I was thinking that perhaps you had used canned condensed milk that had perhaps expired, but that theory was tossed out the window by your heavy cream. I would strongly suggest you contact the producer of the canned pumpkin. Check the label; they should have an 800 phone number or a website, possibly both. Be sure to take a photo of your pie to send to them. I'd love to know what you find out.
Gammy November 30, 2019
Would also be good to have the photo on the can in the background of the pie photo for color reference.
Babs December 1, 2019
I too would love to know the answer! Unfortunately the can for the pumpkin was thrown away and even with the green look to the pie, all was eaten. I quest that’s a good sign.
In searching on line this question has shown up with no clear answer other then using baking soda or baking powder in the ingredients will cause a reaction. None was used in my pie. I am very perplexed!
Thank you for your suggestions. I’m going to try to make another pie and see what happens.
boulangere December 1, 2019
Good idea. This time, be sure to hang on to the can just in case the same thing happens again. It is said that it is difficult to repeat the same mistake twice. I've not always had that problem.
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