Any recommendation for a gluten free grain that can be used instead of the pasta?



Bevi October 16, 2015
To follow up on gluten free pasta - there are bean based pastas on the market as well.
702551 October 16, 2015
While I have no dietary restrictions myself, I have tried a couple of gluten-free pastas and one was actually decent. I think it was made of artichoke flour. Based on that experience, I would not hesitate to recommend using a tasty gluten-free pasta as a replacement.

Other alternatives would be dumplings based on potato or corn. If you replace the pasta with dumplings, you will likely need to adjust the cooking procedure so the dumplings don't turn into mush.
Caroline L. October 15, 2015
+1 groats! i bet rice would also work well.
Panfusine October 15, 2015
whole millet perhaps?
Nancy October 15, 2015
buckwheat (a grass, not a grain) in the form of kasha groats.
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