Contest deadline

Has the deadline for entering the current contest been changed to Sunday?



Lindsay-Jean H. October 19, 2015
The issue has been corrected, and you can now submit again! The contest is open until Tuesday at 6 pm (Eastern time).
Lindsay-Jean H. October 19, 2015
Greetings -- apologies for the confusion, we're looking into it and will post here again to update you all soon!
Niknud October 19, 2015
Oooh, me too. Monday mornings are always when I add my recipes. Total drag this morning (as if Mondays are bad enough as it is). I figured someone had already asked the question. Love you guys!
inpatskitchen October 19, 2015
I just emailed the editors...maybe we'll get a definite answer.
inpatskitchen October 18, 2015
This has happened a few times in the past. The contest rules state that a contest ends on Tuesdays at 6:00 PM Eastern time. I have a feeling someone will pick up on this and open the contest back up until Tuesday of this week. Get your recipes ready!!!
boulangere October 18, 2015
Thanks, Pat; I've seen it happen in the past, too, and it's been because of computer glitches. Here's hoping
inpatskitchen October 18, 2015
I hope so too...I think I have one more recipe up my sleeve! (lol)
702551 October 18, 2015
When I click on the link "Current Contests" the website informs me that the entries are closed.
boulangere October 18, 2015
Hence my question. They've always ended on a Wednesday, save for when a computer glitch occurs.
702551 October 18, 2015
Is there a provision for closing the contest early if there are enough submissions?
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