Can I make this recipe in a slow cooker? If so, how long?

Short Rib and Pumpkin Chili
Recipe question for: Short Rib and Pumpkin Chili


Susan W. October 19, 2015
I agree with Pete. Easy to swap the oven method to the slow cooker. You might want to reduce the liquid as slow cookers tend to create their own. One of mine actually reduces liquid because of the lid design and another creates liquid. So, I would have the extra liquid at the ready to add during cooking, but you may not need it depending on your slow cooker.
Pete October 19, 2015
There's no reason why not. Based on cooking short ribs in a slow cooker before, I'd guess about 6 hours on a high setting.
Nancy October 19, 2015
Yes...think of your slow cooker as an oven with an automatic timer, and anything you could make in an oven can be made in a slow cooker.
On the timing...
1) consult your slow cooker manual, if you still have it.
2) consult this article (here on food52) on just this issue - adapting regular recipes to slow cooker.

P.S. Suggestion for future inquiries: do a quick search, either/both here or on your favorite browser, to see if your issue has already been covered. You'll be that much ahead...and can still ask questions here if they remain after you've seen what's already been written.
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