Need gluten free alternative to hoisin sauce

Have been searching for a gluten free alternative to hoisin sauce with no luck so i am now trying to determine what the flavor profile of hoisin sauce so I can substitute. Is it just a derivative of soy sauce and would gluten free soy sauce work or are there other flavor nuances here that i should be aware of in making substitution?

the mad gourmet


usingSpoons October 16, 2011
It depends what you are using it for, but Hoisin Sauce has many flavours in common with barbeque sauce, so you could substitute a gluten-free barbeque sauce, and maybe add some Chinese five spice to that.
gingerroot October 16, 2011
In addition to gluten free tamari, I would add some Chinese Five Spice, some honey, maybe a little fresh ginger and or garlic and then cornstarch to thicken it to a hoisin sauce consistency. I experimented a little trying to achieve the same flavor profile in my recipe for Curry Chicken, Kale, and Green Apple Manapua on this site.
wssmom October 16, 2011
Premier Japan makes a gluten-free Hoisin sauce.
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