I have some bamboo shoots in hand, any cool ideas what do to except of stir frying?

I have some boiled bamboo shoots I got from Singapore and I am running of ideas how to use it. Would appreciate any cool recommendations :)

Jona @AssortedBites


wietje October 23, 2015
Vegetable curry
Doti October 23, 2015
It would be great as an addition to Indonesian sayur lodeh :) http://dailycookingquest.com/by-category/side-dish/lodeh-terong-dan-tahu-eggplant-and-tofu-in-coconut-milk
Nancy October 23, 2015
also good in salads and stir fry dishes.
Nancy October 23, 2015
oops! typing while tired - you already covered stir fry.
for another idea, similar to egg rolls, but without the deep frying, make spring rolls - rice wraps with fish, pork or chicken and raw vegetables inside.
these can be eaten chilled, at room temp or lightly fried in saute pan
Lindsay-Jean H. October 23, 2015
How about in hot and sour soup or eggrolls: https://food52.com/recipes/24793-baked-tofu-and-vegetable-egg-rolls
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