anything sweet (muffin/cake/cookie/bread) I can make with a bottle of unsweetened prune juice?

  • Posted by: mirileh
  • September 25, 2010


AEC September 28, 2010
My suggestion doesn't get you to an aroma-filled kitchen and lovely baked good, but it will rid you of the prune juice... use it to make a smoothie. I combine it with frozen berries, banana and yogurt all the time for my young son who has digestive issues. The sweetness of the fruit totally masks the prune juice taste.
betteirene September 25, 2010
Find a recipe for a chocolate cake that uses cocoa and water; substitute the prune juice for the water. This one--it uses one bowl and one pan--is quick and easy and from Better Homes and Gardens, whose recipes I trust.

Or, you could simmer the juice down until it's reduced by half, add some prunes or plums, pour it into a shallow casserole, top it with scoops of biscuit dough that's been sweetened with 1/4 cup additional sugar and bake until the biscuits are golden. Voila! Prune Cobbler. Serve with ice cream or whipped cream. Or, instead of baking it, simmer the biscuits in the fruit and juice in the saucepan like dumplings.
mirileh September 25, 2010
Sounds totally cool (who knew Martha Stewart had a healthy streak of recipes)! Thanks for the advice and recipe!
AntoniaJames September 25, 2010
You probably won't find a recipe that uses an entire bottle, because prune juice is a liquid, and most breads, muffins, etc. need to get most of their liquids from the eggs, butter/oils and (sometimes) milk products used in them. Fortunately, prune juice freezes well, so just put it in containers or bags (labeling with the amount if in freezer bags) for future use. In the meantime, this recipe looks very good. You can use raisins instead of currants if you don't have them. Have fun and good luck!! ;o)
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