How can you make a mushroom pasta sauce the day before and not have it absorb all the sauce when reheating?

saucy sally


saucy S. November 22, 2015
Thanks, Nancy. No, I made the mushrooms the day before and cooked the pasta right before serving; trying then to incorporate them.
nancy E. November 21, 2015
Did you mix the sauce with the pasta and then refrigerate? If that is what was done, the 2 components should have been chilled separately.
saucy S. November 21, 2015
Thanks, Cav. I did add cream when reheating and it absorbed that, too. Did that twice.
Hardly any sauce by the time it was hot enough to serve.
Cav November 21, 2015
When did you add it? I'd be adding it at the end of the reheating, as liquids will evaporate and reduce. Treat it like a finishing move.
Cav November 21, 2015
Be prepared to add more liquid when reheating. Stock, cream, water, butter, whatever suits your dish best.
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