To use an oven bag and best alternative to butter?

Cooking first turkey (kosher about 17lbs). None of the recipes say to use an oven bag but it has been suggested by a few friends. Thoughts? Also can't use butter under (or on) skin, what is the next best alternative?



boulangere November 22, 2015
A bag basically poaches the turkey in its own juices. If you want crispy skin, therefore, don't use one. Butter under the skin is not at all necessary. Drizzle olive oil over it, with your hands rub it all over the bird, followed by salt and pepper. The secret to a tender, moist turkey is not to over bake it. Remove it from the oven when a thermometer reads 160 at the densest part of the thigh. Transfer it to a serving platter. Cover it with foil and a double-folded bath towel so that the water roving around outside the cell walls can re-inflate them once the stress of baking is done. Let it rest as such for a good 20 minutes while you create gravy from the pan juices. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.
BurgeoningBaker November 24, 2015
Why the thigh vs the breast? Do you suggest tenting the bird at the beginning for an hour or so? Put anything in the bottom of the roasting pan?
hardlikearmour November 22, 2015
Duck fat is fantastic! I slather an herb, citrus, spice compound duck fat under the skin of my turkey before cooking it.
fitzie November 22, 2015
Olive oil would be a good substitute for butter I've never used a bag but friends do and their turkey is always tender and tasty/
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